Case Studies


Marketing Experience Manager

Building and integrating LiveFyre into the Adobe Experience Manager


Cloud-Based Survey Platform

Capture, analyze and take action on consumer feedback

Volley Metrics

Volleyball Analytics Application

Coaches and analysts leverage this powerful tool to help schools and players win


Advanced Healthcare Data Suite

Powerful post-op data modeling and prospective patient analysis

Dental Warranty

Industry Leading Dental Insurance

This company is leading the world in specialized insurance for dental practices


Science-Based Addiction Recovery Application

Designed to help individuals struggling with pornography addiction

Training Amigo

Compete In Virtual Fitness Challenges

Compete in virtual fitness challenges across the globe

Testing Mom

Online Test Preparation For Pre-K To 8th Grade

Test prep, testing, tele-seminars, practice questions, as well as books and games

The Giving Keys

A Jewelry Store That Serves A Greater Purpose

Supporting people transitioning from homelessness


Social App Designed For Friends And Families

Stay connected with friends and families - private, positive and personal


Helping Solar Energy Spread

Crowd-funding and solar allows communities to leverage clean energy


Cloud Based Plan Room Application

Application that allows contractors to share project files with subcontractors

OPTO International

Modular Store Fixture Products And Accessories

Innovative retail fixture and display solutions ERP system


World's Largest Software Registry

Package manager for Node.js and the world's largest software registry


Career Courses From Industry Professionals

Online career mentoring programs to college students


Lunchspread Helps You Explore New Restaurants

Helping foodies find new spots and restaurants market to themselves


Drug And Alcohol Testing Streamlined

Employee health and safety workflow solutions for Clinics and Administrators


Making Meal Planning Easier

Feeding a family is a lot of work. We're here to simplify the process

Eventure App

The Future Of Conference Management

Empowering event managers to track and engage attendees like never before

Upton Insurance

Compliant Insurance Application

Ensures the compliant insurance coverage of pizza delivery companies, restaurants, food couriers and sub shops
Promptly Journals

Journal Application

Create, edit, view and print journals

Legacy Foundation

Streamline And Automate The Documentation Process

The purpose of this application is to simplify various tasks such as filling