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codents offers full-cycle testing and quality assurances services for software, mobile, web and database applications. Our engineers have crafted solutions for the world’s biggest companies. The advantage of having an outside firm like codents perform quality assurance on your software is that objectivity is retained and the experience of encountering issues across a strata of situations is included in the service at no additional cost. The nature of the work we do on a daily basis lends itself to better quality assurance.

The institutional knowledge held by our senior tech leads and architects is an integral part of every project that we work on. Your engineers will monitor projects to ensure that the deliverables meet the most stringent quality standards in the industry.


Consistently, one of the best approaches to QA has been to remove the human element through the creation of automated testing scripts. Removing the human element, where appropriate, has proven to produce outcomes with fewer errors.

Our QA process sets us apart from other software development companies. Enterprise applications require the ultimate resource scalability and durability for the long term. Why should your application be treated any differently? If Zibtek builds an application, we run it through rigorous stress testing before any commercial user enters the platform.

For existing systems, we can assist your firm by identifying defects in the software early on during the development process, saving you time and money. Early detection of development issues typically means you can release the latest version of your web application much earlier without compromising quality. The logical result of which is an increase in user satisfaction, a superior product and an edge over the competition.


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Conforming to an existing standard of development inside your project can make a world of difference. Whether you are following a waterfall methodology or heavily lean towards agile and scrum based workflows we can conform QA practices to the development standards at hand to ensure the testing methods match the development cycle. Proper quality assurance process further helps to mitigate risks, time and cost.

With years of experience, and industry’s best practices ingrained, our approach emphasizes early testing, detailed reporting, efficient communication and predictability. If the project can benefit from an automation strategy, we are prepared to explain and implement it.

We at CodeAnts use a well-defined, no-nonsense software testing process which typically includes the following steps

Select the optimum QA strategy Select the optimum QA strategy
Test or Sprint Planning Test or Sprint Planning
Select the right software tools Select the right software tools
Execute tests
Execute tests
Set up the Environment and prepare the test data Set up the Environment and prepare the test data
Transferring the QA deliverables Transferring the QA deliverable
Conduct post-sprint or post-project review Conduct post-sprint or post-project review
Updating test cases
 test case Updating

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