Our Process

“Our Client’s core business
objectives always stay at the
heart of everything we do.”



Before you hire Zibtek our associates can give you
feedback on your project, budget, plan and:


FitLearn aobut each other and decide if we are the
right cultural fit for eachother


IdeasWe will ask lots of questions to validate your


will help you seta responsible budget then
create a broad plan and build a proposal

Step 1




First, we start by understanding your core business objectives and outlining a high level plan to achieve your goals and remove as many conditions of uncertainty as possible. We define:

  1. The nature of the challenge

  2. The plan for dealing with the challenge

  3. Actions or next steps designed execute the plan

Project Ideation

Every project starts with a central idea, a problem statement that drives the conversation. Understanding clients’ business goals is at the core of what we do. Our initial efforts ensure we understand the actionable objectives, tasks, deliverables, priorities tied to your core business goals.


Any good business plan has to be doable to work! Your stakeholders will meet with the project team for a research engagement tailored to fit your project. We         will define the specific functionalities required by your users— we can validate this with research if  appropriate and speak to third -party vendors where necessary. We combine these puzzle pieces into a preliminary plan, which will guide the rest of the project. The shared vision of   what the end product will be and who it will be for takes shape

Step 2

Design and Architecture

Design & Architecture

In this stage we:

  1. Build not just wireframes but fully clickable prototypes that your team can access via the cloud to share with stakeholders

  2. Review designs with our engineering team on a weekly basis

  3. Determine best fit software development architecture

If designs exist already, no problem! We will evaluate them for completeness and qualify them to make sure that all the functionality required is present. Our in-house design team has you covered if we need to chip in.

Design and Architecture

Wireframes, prototyping and testing

CodeAnts team includes UX designers who understand the importance of visually compelling experiences. Working closely with your team, we leverage powerful tools and clear processes for building the desired experience for users. Throughout the design process, we get your feedback before diving into the greater investment that comes with building the application.


Different solutions require different technologies. We have deep experience with many technologies, and we assess the long term viability of a technology for a given project in favor of stability and cost over new and unproven. A senior tech lead with a decade-plus of experience is engaged at this stage to assess feasibility.


After confirming core objectives, CodeAnts defines key components of delivery, identifies the internal resources best fit for your process, and notes major features and dependencies. Requirements are shared with the broader team with the goal of making objectives clear.

Step 3



Development is kicked off with a call with you, the project manager and developers restating objectives and confirming how we will communicate. Each of our engineering teams is paired with a senior tech lead, who pairs with your project manager. All projects in the company are overseen by the solutions architect so you are never without support if issues arise. Tech leads have eight to fifteen years’ experience and we limit them to a set number of projects at any given time to ensure quality stays high.

Agile Development

For the majority of projects, our project managers use an agile methodology to drive results for our clients. The efficiency of a team closely correlates with how much visibility and structure the project manager has.


We work in sprints, small targeted allotments of development time which allow engineers to more collaboratively solve problems. This structured flexibility allows for measured adaptation to change and allows the incorporation of new ideas. You stay in engaged in every step of the process through structured standups so we have consistent feedback and rapid issue resolution.


We believe in consistent communication for all of our projects. Whether we have a one-person team or a twenty-person team, every team member reports on their activity daily to keep communication clear. Project managers and delivery managers drive internal and external communication and help to bridge the divide between technical and non-technical resources for your team. Every project manager also pairs with a senior tech lead to ensure redundancy and technical strength. In every case, we use a project management tool so that we can:

  • Share daily written status updates
  • Track individual engineer tasks
  • Provide access to shared documents and files
  • Report and resolve bugs

Step 4



We support your team through launch and handle everything from server setup to data storage and deployment. If your software application requires deployment to the app store, we take care of that process for you.


As part of our development process, we set up multiple development environments allowing our team members to deploy quickly and show you everything that is happening. Showing work results in a client facing development environment and identifying visual and technical issues quickly results in a better product.


When appropriate, we automate deployments and structure the development ecosystems to be scalable and seek to automate testing of features to ensure operability after new code is added. Project managers and our in-house quality assurance engineers review user stories before the work reaches production.

Step 5



When you are ready to launch your project to the world, we will work with you to mitigate launch risks. We plan resources around hyper-care and prep infrastructure as appropriate. Going forward, we can accept feedback, structuring the rollout of new features, handle support inquiries and tackle any new features required by your users, staying flexible as your business grows.

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